2nd - 4th of August 2019!


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Well, we are a small group of people from a variety of different quarters!  We all live in Devon (north) and we all love a good party!

The one thing we have in common (apart from the ‘party’ bit) is music festivals.  We are all involved to some degree with both Lapstock in Lapford and CokerFest in Yeovil, and wanted to bring the fun home to north Devon.  There’s nothing as rewarding as putting on a great show, and that’s what we managed to do with Elevation 593 so far, and it’s what we aim to do better this year!

We have seen a great many stunning music acts in our part of the world, and felt that music festivals should not be the principle realm of other counties (not a million miles away) and, to top it all, we don’t need 50,000 people screaming at Rhianna when we can have us’ mates in a picturesque setting at home and raise a bit of cash for some deserving local causes.

We were delighted to join forces with another group of like-minded individuals, also keen to see our ambitious idea manifest, who also have a wealth of skill and experience in producing some stunning events. So, with that in mind, we are proud and delighted to work alongside;-



Based in Great Torrington, The Plough Arts Centre’s Mission Statement reads;

The Plough Arts Centre provides exciting opportunities for all people to experience a wide and vibrant range of high quality arts events both as audience and participants. Through creative partnerships the Plough Arts Centre is a welcoming and dynamic venue for artistic expression and education, responsive to the needs of the local community and a beacon for the arts across North Devon – visible and valued throughout the South West.

From our stunning rural setting we offer a varied and exciting programme of arts events and activities. We aim to entertain, inspire, educate and challenge in equal measure. Our packed annual programme includes film, live events, exhibitions, workshops and educational outreach for people of all ages, interests and abilities. We think we are ‘the largest arts centre in the smallest town’ and we know our positive impact is felt across the region.