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If you would be interested in having a stall at Elevation 593 Festival, please complete this enquiry form.

Please give as much information as possible and we will be back to you soon.

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You may be covered by our insurance, depending on your activity or products. Please let us know if you have your own insurance.
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Please tell us if your stall is offering any food or drinks.
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Mains Power

Your stall is in a floodlit area, so you can work after dark and you will not be required to have your own lighting. If your stall requires a mains electric supply there will be an additional charge and the supply is limited to 13Amps max. Please give details in the description if you think you require a mains supply.
I require an additional 13Amp Mains supply

Traiding Times

The festival opens to the public at 12midday and traders are asked to be on site by 11am. All trading activities will cease at midnight, however you are free to leave at any time. Can you indicate when you plan to be here?
ARRIVAL: I will be on site by 11.00 AMARRIVAL: I need to arrive later
DEPARTURE: I will be leaving after 11.00 PM.DEPARTURE: I will need to leave before 11.00 PM.

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Finally, please tell us about your stall or stand and let us know if you have taken your stall to any other events this year. (required)

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